8 Ways Power Up Products Pay for Themselves

  1. Extended Service Life - Power Up can increase component life up to 2.5 times longer.  Nobody prevents wear like Power Up!  What is your equipment worth to you?
  2. Insurance - Preventing major breakdowns and repairs (Overheating, antifreeze leaks, loss of oil, etc.)
  3. Retention Agent - Establishes a protective film on metal parts.   No more cold or dry starting.  Great for winterizing.
  4. Extended Oil Intervals - Magnifies your additive package 10 to 15 times and boosts TBN.
  5. Pour Point - Prevents cavitation and shudder.  Dramatically decreases wear and stress on hydraulic pumps and motors during cold operating conditions (57⁰F degrees).
  6. Downtime - This can be the most costly expense to your operation.  POWER UP WILL HELP!
  7. Better Fuel Economy - Less frictional drag in engines with NNL 690 and up to 15% saving in fuel using Gen 49D or LHP-454.
  8. Peace of Mind - Knowing that you are getting the best protection that modern technology can provide.