Features and Benefits of Power Up

High Film Strength

The superior film strength of NNL-690, NNL-690G and Thixogrease is considerably stronger than that of standard lubricating products.  This keeps moving metal apart which means less friction, less wear, lower operating temperatures and longer equipment life.

Protects at High Temperatures

  • Standard mineral oils begin to break down at 300oF (149oC) to 350F (177oC).
  • Power Up products modify wear particles and convert them into a eutectic solid lubricant of very high melting point.  It is this eutectic film that has a high temperature resistance to friction and wear.
  • Power Up NNL-690 and NNL-690G protects and lubricates at higher temperatures than conventional lubricants.
  • Thixogrease remains effective at intermittent temperatures approaching 570F (300C).

Fights Water and Antifreeze Contamination

The Power Up lubricant eutectic film shields metal surfaces from the effects of water, antifreeze and fuel dilution and can reduce the catastrophic effects of a glycol leak.

Stops Dry Start Up Wear

The oil industry says the majority of wear occurs on initial start up.  Power Up’s eutectic film adheres to metal surfaces after shut down to provide protection against wear on start up.

Power Up Keeps Parts Clean and Moving Freely

Power Up NNL products will prevent carbon, sludge and varnish deposits from forming on vital parts (i.e. piston rings, valves, turbo charger bearings, hydraulic control valves, etc).

Reduces Breakdowns and Repair Bills

Reduced friction means less wear and fewer breakdowns.

Reduces Downtime Costs

Often the most costly part of a failure is downtime.  This means lost usage, production and earnings.  DOWNTIME IS EXPENSIVE!

Reduces Operating Costs

Power Up NNL-690, NNL-690G and Thixogrease overcome friction and drag allowing your equipment to produce more usable power.  THIS INCREASES EFFICIENCY AND FUEL ECONOMY.

Reduces Emissions Into the Environment

Power Up NNL-690 reduces emissions through better fuel efficiency and a better seal in the ring area of the piston, causing a more complete burn.

Helps Protect Against Accidents & Catastrophic Failure

Accidentally losing oil supply, overheating equipment or antifreeze leaks mean disaster.  Power Up NNL-690 and NNL-690G have been the difference between major failures and minor repairs for many customers.

Improved Cold Weather Start Up and Operation

Improved oil flow, less drag and friction improves cold weather starting and provides smoother, quieter operation.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that you have the best lubricant available that modern technology can provide protecting your investment.