Power Up LHP-454 Printable Technical Data Sheet

Power Up LHP-454 MSDS Sheet

LHP-454 is a one-shot multifunctional performance additive for use in gasoline engines.  It improves performance by:

  • Reducing Intake Valve Deposits
  • Keeping Port Fuel Injectors clean
  • Improving fuel economy
  • Reducing exhaust emissions
  • Minimizing Octane Requirement
  • Enhancing Corrosion Protection
  • Reducing maintenance of the fuel system and emissions control equipment
  • Optimizing drivability by preventing rough idling, stalling and surging
  • Improves moisture absorption and reduces fuel line freeze-up

Corrosion Protection

LHP-454  provides additional protection against corrosion for all engine components.

Performance Testing

Intake valve deposit testing was performed using the standard ASTM D5500 test procedure for the evaluation of intake valve deposit formation.  This method uses a 1985 BMW 318i, driven in a driving pattern comprising 10% city, 20% urban and 70% highway driving for 10,000 miles.

Intake Valve Deposit Clean Up

The clean up performance of LHP-454 as evaluated in the Ford 2.3L.   The testing comprises two 100-hour cycles the first of which is performed with base fuel to allow for deposit formation.  The fuel is then treated for the second cycle.

LHP-454 provides superior intake valve detergency and meets EPA compliance performance criteria!

LHP-454 Product Application:

At the recommended treat rate of 12 oz. in up to 20 gallons, LHP-454 provides complete engine protection and improves performance. It is registered according to US-EPA certification standards. LHP-454 meets performance requirements specified by both the EPA and CARB. 

LHP-454 is only to be used once every 3,000 miles!

LHP-454 is available in the following convenient size:

12 oz. (350 ml) One Shot Bottle