Pen 2000

Power Up Pen 2000 Printable Technical Data Sheet

Power Up Pen 2000 MSDS Sheet

Penetrating Fluid 2000 is a specifically designed for heavy duty penetration of rusting parts, even in wet conditions.

Penetrating Fluid 2000’s Primary Benefits:

  • Heavy duty performance
  • Designed for rapid, deep penetration of rusted or seized parts
  • Excellent surfactancy
  • Penetrates in wet conditions
  • Water soluble
  • Reduces sheer strength of rust particles at metal interface, minimizing the amount of force needed
  • Easily mistable

Ideal for:

  • Rapid Penetration of Rusted and Seized Parts for Easy Separation
  • Works Even in Wet Conditions
  • Pleasant Aroma
  • Prevents Rusting and Oxidation

Pen 2000 is available in the following convenient sizes:

17 oz. Aerosol (482 gram) Spray Can
500 Milliliter (16.9 oz.) Bottle
5 Liter (1.4 Gallon / 175 oz.) Jug
20 Liter (5.5 Gallon / 700 oz.) Pail

Aerosols contain no ozone depleting ingredients.